Frequently Asked Questions

For Singles 31+; LDS standards of dress and conduct apply. All divorces must be final.



Fireside Information?
This is a good activity to begin meeting others if you are new to single activities. Firesides occur on the first four Sundays of each month at various locations throughout the area taking place every Sunday at 7:30pm (directly after choir practice). If there is a 5th Sunday in the month local groups of Stakes sometimes referred to as "clusters" often provide a presenter tailored to the local group.
Normally, presenters are selected by one of 100+ Stakes throughout the region where the assignment is rotated weekly. A variety of remarkable and dynamic presenters speak, instruct, share or perform at these events ranging from most disciplines and experiences in life. Requests to speak at the fireside are not accepted on this website but you might inquire with your home Stake in the Utah South Area regarding it's next opportunity to host the fireside and their choice for presenter.
Refreshments are typically served afterwards during a one hour mingle. Sunday dress is advisable as all firesides are held in chapels.
Names and topics of presenters are provided on the hotline number and on this website as soon as the details become available from the host Stake for each week. There's no cost and attendance at firesides can vary between 200 - 500 attendees depending on the time of year and presenter.
Click here for the: "Fireside Page"

Choir Information?
Long term friendships start here. Do you have an interest in singing, performing and harmonizing with others. Did you know that the Utah South LDS Singles Choir is the longest operating choir within the church aside from the LDS Tabernacle Choir? We practice weekly throughout the year in preparation for three major concerts that are free to the public. The concerts are tailored for "Easter", "Summer Pops" and "Christmas" while the cost of music and management are provided by the organization so we can participate.
If you love to sing and can attend most of the Sunday practices, come join the choir.
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Dance Information?
There are many reasons for dancing including your top 100 songs. You can't go wrong if you arrive with a heart full of fun and ready to engage others and enjoy yourself. Our DJ's take requests if there's a song you want. We have 2 dances a month with seasonal dances mixed in such as "Halloween", "New Years", "Valentines", "Singles Conference" and "After LDS General Conference Priesthood". Cost is typically $5 but some dances cost more depending on the venue and services.
The weekly takes place at LDS gymnasiums where we require LDS conduct and modest dress standards. Clothing must conceal the garment line. Music is typically selected from a popular list of past and present hits. Our DJs play music that is in keeping with good standards and fun for dancing. Dance instruction takes place each week beginning at 8 - 9 PM while general dancing and a good selection of refreshments begins at 9 PM. The dance ends just before midnight.
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Temple Information?
Temple attendance is an integral part of LDS life which includes single members of the church. Ancestors waiting for sacred ordinances via living descendants look forward to our help. We typically meet each week on a Wednesday evening but other groups also meet in surrounding Temples during the week. Discover more on the Temple information page - linked to below.
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Super-Saturday Information?
Have you wished for something new or interesting each month? Super-Saturday is an event taking place on the second Saturday of each month. Stakes who are hosting this activity work to prepare something unique or interesting that can enhance, encourage, teach or exercise us physically, mentally or spiritually.
From month to month there might be a home improvement fair, a live cultural performance, craft related demonstration, professional workshops, emergency preparedness, survival fair, hiking, gardening, a service oriented event, hayride in the snow, home maintenance topics, improving ones single savvy skills, etc.
Stakes hosting this activity typically select experts from members of their Stake to assist in their chosen activity. Many events of this type can include a meal or refreshments and sometimes there is entertainment. Activity selection is provided on the hotline and on this website as soon as the details become available from the host Stake for the month. There's no cost and attendance can range between 50 - 300 people depending on interest throughout the region.
Click here for the: "Super-Saturday Page"

Religion Class Information?
Looking for the ability to be engaged in course work? We try to offer a variation of course work for our single members. Various topics and presenters are available each year. If you like a quiet setting with similar singles looking for a more intellectual pursuit, this activity is for you!

Cluster Sponsored Activities
The Cluster Sponsored Activities are held on the 4th weekend of each month – either on the Friday night or Saturday. Everyone is invited to come enjoy this new type of activity. What is a cluster? Stakes in close proximity to each other who have been pulled together into a group or cluster. This group of stakes work together to provide an activity using their own stakes’ resources and talents. One of the many fun activities offered recently was taking part in a “cruise”.

June Singles Conference Information?
Each year in the latter half of June we have a 6 day singles conference in Utah County. This is the longest running and biggest LDS singles conference available. The week includes a service project, picnic in the park, temple night and mingle at BYU afterwards (about 3-5 sessions of singles in the Provo Temple), bonfire with entertainment in the canyon, hiking, outdoor sports, full conference brochure listing speakers for all workshops on Thursday, Friday and Saturday topics as well as Sunday meetings which include morning services, lunch and a fireside in the evening at the UVSC campus. There is a banquet dinner with speaker on Saturday, a Friday dinner, a Friday lunch and a Sunday lunch. There are 3 big dances at the UVSC campus on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.
Details of the presenters, list of events and online registration typically appears in the month of April.

Friday Night Activity Information?
Are you looking for something off the beaten path? Something informal like a movie, visiting a museum or art exhibit, baseball game, canyon hike, fishing, astronomy, bird watching, tennis, tailgate party, kite flying, picnic in the park, board games, etc...
Once a month on the first Friday evening (usually before the dance starts) we have what we call a "Friday Night Activity". Like the firesides and dances, one host Stake from the area will plan something for the month - typically something relaxing and usually informal. I could be a concert though - who knows! There's no page on the website for this information because it's typically listed on the home page of the website about one week prior to and through the first week of the month. There's usually some light refreshments as well and some good laughs. You might see a new friend at one of these events as they are irregular in nature but fun!

What activities can I attend?
The activities in the area are designed for everyone to attend. Visitors to the area and it's surrounding communities are welcome at all events.

Are events near my home?
The events rotate throughout the valley from week to week. The multi-stake group page offers activities close to any community. You can review those activities at the following page: "Multi-Stake Group Page". We don't have information about other areas in the church, however we do provide links along the left hand side for other areas within Utah and the Utah South Area.

Can I advertise here or list an activity?
We don't offer advertising here. The site is primarily designed to communicate what activities are available within the Utah South Area of the church. If you're interested in learning about using the existing software to manage an area outside of the Utah South Area and you are part of the LDS church with Priesthood Leadership, leave a message at: "Contact Us Page"

Are there activity cards listing events, times and locations?
The activity cards are typically available at any area event near the entrance. You can also find more activity cards for your ward and stake if you approach those who wear name tags at the activities who can provide as many as you require. Thank you for sharing these within your Stake with other singles.

Are there guidelines?
Most guidelines are provided within church teachings. Being kind and curteous to each other is required at all times. If you're treated improperly or feel uncomfortable, approach a Priesthood Leader who are present at all events and communicate the situation. Avoid arguments and confrontations. Men and women should treat one another as "Ladies" and "Gentlemen" - "Brothers" and "Sisters". If someone doesn't want to dance or talk with you, look elsewhere and find someone happy to spend time with you.
If someone asks for your personal contact information there's no harm in declining until you know them better. Don't be hasty - there's time enough to learn about each other and become comfortable gaining trust along the way.

Is there a singles ward I can attend?
Unlike the Salt Lake Region of the church, the Utah South Area does not offer singles wards above the age of 31 for singles throughout the entire area. Some Stakes within the valley do have wards for single members of the Stake between the ages of 18-31. There are also opportunities to attend wards in the Utah South Area that welcome single members of the church over the age of 31 but they are not promoting this area wide as it's more of service to their own Stake members. A list of singles wards is not available at the area level. To determine if there is a ward near you we can suggest you inquire with your ward and stake singles representative.
Each Stake and group of Stakes in this valley have the ability to create singles wards for singles 31 and older if they wish. Presently, most Stakes prefer hosting events regularly for all singles in the valley which is a blessing not enjoyed in other areas of the church to the degree we have in this region. Salt Lake provides wards for singles over the age of 31 for all interested each Sunday at several locations in that valley. You might try the following website to learn more of their activities and wards at:
We encourage all singles members of the church over the age of 31 to participate in their home wards and fulfill callings during regular church service hours. During the rest of the week our leaders provide event types outside of regular church service for single members.

What age do I need to be to attend?
You should be 31 or older. We don't necessarily have age specific activities but some events lend themselves more easily to specific age ranges. However most activities are fun for all ages.

Where can I meet people my age?
If you're having a hard time meeting people your age consider the type of events from among those mentioned... chances are, the same events you may like could also be the same or similar to the types of events that others your age are attending. All events listed at Multi-Stake Singles are for singles 31 and older but if you're looking for a specific age range we provide another website for singles aged 31-45 which is: "Utah Valley Single Adults: 31-45"

Are there events more specific to hispanic interests?
Opportunities for culture centric events are limited as we hope all singles in the valley can mix together and share their culture. English is the predominant language at all events. Alternatives exist - if you're attending a dance you should request a song or two that you prefer. You will find that some firesides are specific to certain regions of the world.

Can I meet others online, share information, post pictures, etc?
The objective of this site communicates activities within the area. We provide social networking when you attend activities in person - but not over the internet. No pictures of actual singles are posted on the site nor are there provisions for chat, message boards, etc.

Is there a list of fireside presenters for the year?
We try to advertise the presenters or speakers for firesides as soon as the information becomes available on the "Fireside Page". We also have the weekly speaker on the hotline recording.

Can you help me locate someone I met?
We have no bulletin boards, message boards, chat rooms etc. If you're attending activities on a regular basis you might try inquiring about the person you're looking for by asking around.

Is there a "Lost & Found"?
If an item is left behind at any venue we leave that item in the building "Lost and Found" which is sometimes nothing more than the coat-rack. If the building is locked when you return, you could try going back on a Sunday morning as most chapels are open for church to check the coat-racks or "Lost and Found" area.

Can I get a ride with someone?
A "Ride Board" isn't available on this site. You might try making friends at the events you enjoy and inquire about car pools. You will not want to be dropped off at a venue like a dance and expect someone to provide you with a ride home afterwards unless you've already made arrangements.

I'm a Stake, Ward Leader, Stake Rep or Ward Rep with a request.
You will want to post your question or request at: "Contact Us Page". A webmaster on this site will forward your request to the appropriate person who can offer help.

Can I get involved and help?
We always need a helping hand. We setup chairs about 30 mintues before events and then need help again at the conclusion to put them away, vacuum and empty garbage cans, etc. Sometimes we may ask if you could help us serve food if the need arises. We request that people not take food around the chapel but to eat only in the rooms the food is served and not to interfere with those assigned to work in the kitchen areas. Thank you.